UXPA International 2022 Logo & Resources

We've put together a few handy items. If you need anything further or have questions please contact us on chair2022@uxpa.org


UXPA International 2022 Logo

Find below versions of the 2022 UXPA International Logo for use by presenters, sponsors or anyone else! 

Color Logo

White Logo


Speaker Information


Room setups

Please check the website or app to see your assigned room

If your session is in any of the Coral rooms:
The room will be set in theater style, so chairs across each row.
All laptops will be run from the podium.  There will not be a confidence monitor and because we are using unmanned cameras in the breakouts, we will ask that the presenters stay within a certain space. 

If your session is in Pacific Jewel Ballroom:

This room will have half round tables.

There will be a confidence monitor in front of the stage to see the program and the A/V team will run the presentations from the tech table (unless you want to run your own laptop from the podium, we will be set for that as well).  


Audio Visual Connections

We use HDMI and have converters for mini display and USB C. 


Slide design

Please make sure slides are 16:9. Also take into consideration color contrast, font and other general accessibility guidelines.