Redesigning the design interview – how candidates and businesses can find the right “fit” by rethinking hiring practices from first principles

This session is designed for both job seekers and design managers. The way we do design hiring today is broken. Candidates are required to do too much up-front and still have to complete a long chain of interviews to get an offer. On the other side, hiring managers are overwhelmed by applicants – making it difficult to decide who to move forward into interviews and how to efficiently evaluate skills during the process. This deep-dive will walk through how COMPANY re-evaluated the effectiveness of our hiring process and redesigned it to optimize for: Equity, Respect for candidates’ and team members’ time, Measurement of the “right skills” for each open position. We’ll share what made candidates stand out in our process and how we improved our sourcing methods and evaluation criteria to find these “stand out” candidates. Find out how we were able to replace portfolio reviews and endless one-on-one interviews!

Career Development Deep Dive