Using the SQUACK Feedback Formula to improve design critiques and feedback sessions about research, content, and product deliverables

Ever hear feedback about your UX deliverable that sounds more like squawking birds? crackling complaints? crude compliments? That feedback doesn’t actually help you improve your work. Come and learn a vocabulary you can share with your peers and stakeholders so they SQUACK their feedback instead. That way, you’ll hear clear *S*uggestions, *Q*uestions, *U*ser Signals, actionable *A*ccidents and *C*riticals, as well as celebratory *K*udos. SQUACK is a proven method that encourages feedback providers to slow down and be intentional about the changes they are requesting. During this session you’ll hear in-real-life stories that will make you laugh and you’ll be SQUACKing your own feedback in less than 7 minutes. SQUACK is used by designers, researchers, writers, data analysts, product owners, and business people to review designs, documents, dashboards, or any deliverable. No previous knowledge needed. Just a willingness to learn, practice, and act to improve your feedback sessions.

Senior Level Tools and Techniques