Jaisie Sin

PhD Candidate, Univeristy of Toronto

Jaisie Sin is a PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto studying the inclusive design of voice-activated technologies. She has over eight years of experience researching and designing technologies for ageing, and over five years of experience studying inclusive design. She has presented talks, conducted workshops, and presented at panels at many venues including MIT, the Allied Media Conference, and premier academic conferences. She is a member of the Design Justice Principles at Work group for which she has been a facilitator of many of its workshops and an invited panelist at the Design Justice Summit.

My Sessions

Rethinking design processes for inclusion

Waller Salon D

Ensuring the end product is inclusive can be a challenge, but so can also be the process that was used to design it. How do we make sure that design is just and that people and communities are not inadvertently harmed, on the basis of aspects such as age, background, gender, and race, in the […]

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