Peggy Lindner

: Assistant Professor, Information Science Technology, University of Houston

Peggy Lindner is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Science Technology where she teaches Computer Information Systems. Her background is in engineering, and she has built her career around data science education and digital humanities at UH since 2014. Her research is on emerging patterns through data in areas where qualitative and quantitative data sources come together. She co-directs the SYRIOS project as well as the Sharing Stories 1977 project as the web development lead and works with many STEM students in a variety of DH projects.

My Sessions

How Can UX Make History Accessible? Adventures in storytelling through UX

Waterloo Salon 1-4

Ancient history is to be found in places other than books and museums these days, and since UX is almost everywhere, it was inevitable that the two should meet. But as projects in the digital humanities–or interactive exhibits, sites, and apps with humanities content– have grown in number, usability has not been factored in. Our […]

Entry Level UX Strategy