Seonghee Lee

ML Research, Carnegie Mellon University

I am a researcher interested in helping computers understand implicit and nuanced human communication to create technology that can work in support of humans. I am interested in implicit communication with autonomous vehicles and creating recommendation systems that can empower humans. I have won the Best Paper Award at the Human Robot Interaction Conference 2022 Student Competition. I have also coducted research at Harvard, Motional,and Hyundai Motor Company. I have also worked with non-verbal interaction AI at Cochl X Mercedes Benz.

My Sessions

Exploring the effects of personal impact communicated through eco-feedback technology for reducing food waste

Eco-feedback technology focuses on communicating feedback on individual behavior to reduce environmental impact. This field has explored various forms of eco-feedback such as ambient displays, mobile phone applications, desktop games, and interactive machines with the goal of reducing carbon footprints and electricity or thermostat usage. Many eco-feedback technologies provide data on environmental impact (carbon, electricity […]

Design Psychology Entry Level