How Can UX Make History Accessible? Adventures in storytelling through UX

Waterloo Salon 1-4

Ancient history is to be found in places other than books and museums these days, and since UX is almost everywhere, it was inevitable that the two should meet. But as projects in the digital humanities–or interactive exhibits, sites, and apps with humanities content– have grown in number, usability has not been factored in. Our NEH-funded project team brings together the fields of social science, computer science, and history together to create an interactive online exhibit. And in so doing, we have discovered that data scientists, usability researchers, and historians all need a set of heuristics for digital humanities projects that has so far been lacking. This panel will talk about how interdisciplinary teams can work together to best teach users and improve learning in a way that can be applied to any kind of project trying to teach an audience.

Entry Level UX Strategy