Usefulness measurement applied: A practical guide to measuring, communicating and visualising utility and usability in the enterprise using UMUX-Lite.

This course will introduce UMUX-Lite (and UX-Lite) and how to use the instrument to measure utility and usability across the lifecycle of software products. We aim to provide a tool to monitor a product’s usefulness and ROI as it evolves in time. The course gives a simple and repeatable method that combines basic data science and UX research. The participant will be introduced to the theory and practice of how to measure using the instrument and how to use it to monitor the evolution of a system from release to release. We will look at various cases, starting from the data all the way to visualisations. We will examine how to elicit “signals” for taking action. The session will discuss what “good enough” is and what the pass/fail thresholds using this instrument may be; with examples. We will use easy to replicate spreadsheet and programming to make sense of data.

Senior Level Tools and Techniques