Anika Bausom

Senior User Experience Designer, Research Collective

Anika’s superpower is the ability to combine big picture thinking with attention to detail. As a UX generalist, she loves to balance research, strategy, and design.Anika is passionate about helping those who help others, and specializes in products for healthcare, education, and social impact. She enjoys mentoring UX students and professionals. She has an MS in UX from Arizona State University, as well as bachelor’s degrees in Visual Communication Design and Psychology. In her free time, Anika and her husband like to hike with their dogs and love trying new restaurants (especially ones with dog-friendly patios).

My Sessions

Tips on how to work and live with 5 types of imposter syndrome

Have you ever thought you’re not as good as your peers? You should have done better on that last project? Your accomplishments are simply due to luck or the help of others? You are not alone. Millions of people suffer from Imposter Syndrome. It’s a feeling of inadequacy felt by many professionals who, although successful […]

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