UXPA International Video Wall

Tell us with a video what User Experience is like in your country, what makes your UX work unique and what challenges you face

UXPA International wants to find new ways to reach out to a wider UX community: practitioners in different continents and regions who can share their experiences and best practices on user experience and human-centered design and development.

As an additional way to share experiences, UXPA International 2022 will introduce a UX Video Wall. Individuals and groups are invited to submit a short video that will be visualized in the UXPA International 2022 conference as part of a UX Video Wall during the UXPA International 2022 conference.


What you need to do

The videos can include the following themes: What is the User Experience work like in your country, what makes UX work unique, what challenges you face and what are the hot topics you work with?

– Video Length: max 3 minutes

– Final video format: MP4, AVI, MOV

– Language: If the language is other than English, please provide English subtitles



April 18th  2022: Deadline for Final videos 


Submit your video

Submit your video

If you have additional questions, please contact the UXPA organizing committee chair2022@uxpa.org 



Should the Video be Horizontal or Vertical? Prefer to film in landscape orientation (horizontally) with 16:9 ratio. 

Audio Conditions – Film in a quiet place, where you are not likely to be interrupted and where there is less background noise.

Lighting – Film in a bright room, in the shade outdoors, or under cloud cover. Bright sunlight can create shadows. 

What kind of background? – Avoid “noisy” background.

Props – Yes, you can use the props you need to deliver your message.

Company logo – Can be visible in video, but not in a main role. Don’t make an advertising video for a pro-profit company or organization.

Can I submit the video with a group or by myself? – Yes you can submit as a group or individual.

If the video is not in English, please provide English Subtitles: If you need help, please contact the UXPA International organizing committee chair2022@uxpa.org 

Content – Be mindful, respectful to the community, content should be reflection of your respective countries culture, thought provoking.