Adrienne Guillory

Chief Operating Officer, Usability Sciences Corporation

Adrienne Guillory is an expert in Human-Centered Design, Design Thinking strategy, facilitation, and generative User Experience research. She leads research training, development, and operations as the Chief Operating Officer at Usability Sciences. Adrienne co-founded and operates Dallas Black UX, a networking and educational organization for people of color in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area, and teaches the Foundations of Design Thinking at the University of Texas, Arlington. When she’s not working, Adrienne enjoys Mommy/ Son adventuring with her son, traveling, and spending time with friends and family.

My Sessions

Improving your research skills

UX Research is much more complex than it seems, and unfortunately, the books you’ve read didn’t prepare you. How do I know? Because many of the researchers who contact me have the same questions… How do I deal with this difficult client? How do I get buy-in? Why doesn’t my team listen to research? AM […]

Career Development and Management Entry Level

Calling YOU to the stage!

For many, submitting or applying to speak at a conference is overwhelming and scary. But if you knew how it worked and had a little help with coming up with ideas, I’m sure it would be a breeze. If you’ve ever considered speaking at a conference, this course is for you. In this half-day workshop, […]

Career Development and Management Senior Level