Ashley Connor

UX Researcher, Usability Sciences

Ashley is a Principal Researcher at Usability Sciences where she enjoys working with a wide range of industries and methodologies. Her UX superpower is her ability to empathize with users, putting herselfin their shoes to facilitate insightful sessions. She also leads the company Training Team; getting new researchers skilled up to lead their own projects with confidence. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling and being an overly obsessed cat mom.

My Sessions

Improving your research skills

Waller Salon D

UX Research is much more complex than it seems, and unfortunately, the books you’ve read didn’t prepare you. How do I know? Because many of the researchers who contact me have the same questions… How do I deal with this difficult client? How do I get buy-in? Why doesn’t my team listen to research? AM […]

Career Development and Management Entry Level