Sogra Nishath

Director of Research & Validation, Out-Of-Box Experience Strategy and Content Experience, HP

Sogra is an experienced design leader with 20+ years of experience in Human Factors, Human Computer Interaction, User Experience Research, and Product and Software Experience Design. In her current role as the Research, Setup & Onboarding Strategy and Content Experience Design Director at HP Inc., she is accountable for user research and experience validation of Print Hardware Systems, Services, and Solutions and for directing the strategy for the Setup & Onboarding and Content Experience Strategy & Delivery for the Print portfolio.

She leads diverse design teams to turn strategic vision into highly engaging and innovative experiences based on user insights and data driven decisions. Through strong partnerships with global cross-functional teams and user-centered design processes, her work has resulted in award-winning experiences for the HP brand.

My Sessions

A framework to define an out of box experience using measurable experience metrics

Waterloo Salon 5-6

As a perennial innovator in the printing space,HP wanted to understand the aspirational needs of customers during the Out of Box Experience of a printer. By connecting the dots between the holistic journey from purchase to print across the digital and physical aspects of setup, Lextant believed they could deliver better value to users. Working […]

Senior Level UX Strategy