Marty Gage

Vice President User Experience Research, Lextant

Marty is a generative research pioneer, VP of User Experience Research at human experience firm Lextant, and author of User Experience Research: Discover What Customers Really Want. At Lextant, Marty leads a team that defines people’s desired experiences for leading brands such as P&G, ConAgra, Kohler, HP, Whirlpool, Ford, GM, Stellantis, Honda, Lowe’s, GE, GSK, Pfizer, Kimberly Clark, Meta, and Nationwide. Marty’s academic audiences include The Ohio State University, Arizona State University, and Savannah College of Art and Design, where he and Lextant colleague Spencer Murrell collaborated with SCAD on a course and certificate in “Design Research and Insight Translation.”

My Sessions

A framework to define an out of box experience using measurable experience metrics

Waterloo Salon 5-6

As a perennial innovator in the printing space,HP wanted to understand the aspirational needs of customers during the Out of Box Experience of a printer. By connecting the dots between the holistic journey from purchase to print across the digital and physical aspects of setup, Lextant believed they could deliver better value to users. Working […]

Senior Level UX Strategy