Dealing with Massive change: What we did when execs asked us to test *EVERYTHING*

Waller Salon AB

Our research program was going great – happy clients, engaged team – and we were feeling good. Then, overnight, our passionate new leadership challenged us to enact user testing for ALL external facing products, services, and even policy proposals. Unlike many execs, this one has a strong background in UX and described, in detail, the results they wanted to see: Test everything! Reinvent approvals! Have clients do their own testing! No new resources were given, and the deadline was always two weeks ago. While this change affected the entire organization, a lot of the details fell to our small team. This is the story of how we dealt with a seismic change over a few intense months, and the lessons we learned along the way. We had to quickly iterate on how we thought about work, evaluated it, staffed it and who our partners were.

Senior Level UX Strategy