Jonathan Rubin

User Research Team Lead, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Jonathan Rubin is an IT change agent in the Federal government. As User Research Team Lead, he provides qualitative user research services to clients, including for product development, problem identification and process improvement. He is experienced in “bureaucracy hacking,” organizational process improvement, and community building.
He is the former chair of the Federal User Experience Community of Practice, and former secretary off the UXPA-DC Chapter.

My Sessions

Dealing with Massive change: What we did when execs asked us to test *EVERYTHING*

Waller Salon AB

Our research program was going great – happy clients, engaged team – and we were feeling good. Then, overnight, our passionate new leadership challenged us to enact user testing for ALL external facing products, services, and even policy proposals. Unlike many execs, this one has a strong background in UX and described, in detail, the […]

Senior Level UX Strategy