How to balance strong user experience with enhanced security within an agile framework? Lessons learned and best practices

Waller Salon D

The need for increased security across application development has exploded in recent years, due to the increase in data breaches and associated costs. The challenge of combining UX design and Agile methodologies to develop more secure applications while balancing great user experiences has led to a backlog of vulnerabilities that often overwhelms development and security teams’ ability to fix them in a timely manner. Attendees will learn about design and security challenges, lessons learned, and best practices in designing more secure applications in an agile development environment. They will also learn how to best integrate security into agile and user experience early on using prototypes from past projects and a security marketplace, that was created for downloading security stories into your project management backlog. They will also learn about the user feedback we collected on the security marketplace and how it helped improve security and user experience.

Entry Level UX Strategy