How to manage and lead a global research team

Waterloo Salon 5-6

Imagine that you are tasked with leading a team of researchers at a global company. Your direct reports are scattered across the globe, spanning from the Philippines, India, Greece, Colombia, to the States. How can you keep your team aligned? How can you ensure all the researchers stay in sync with each other and with stakeholders? How do you ensure consistency in research standards and outputs while respecting and embracing cultural differences? All these are questions faced by [Name] when [Name] started leading a global team at [Company]. After spending a full year experimenting with different solutions and consulting with industry leaders, [Name] has found a way to conduct agile and impact research despite the challenges of running a global research division. In this interactive session, you will learn: (a) what are the major challenges of leading a global team; and (b) concrete strategies and tips to overcome these challenges.

Career Development Senior Level