Xieyining Huang

Director of Global Research and Data for Wellness and Resiliency, TaskUs

With 2 master’s degrees (clinical psychology & data science) as well as a doctoral degree in psychology, Xieyining Huang has strong foundations in basic and applied research using both qualitative and quantitative methods. She has over 8 years of experience leading diverse teams to conduct rigorous and impactful research at scale. Having previously worked as an advanced user experience researcher at State Farm, Irene now leads a global team of researchers and data scientists at TaskUs. She grew the research team by 50% within the first 3 months, and established major processes and structures to increase scalability and impact.

My Sessions

How to manage and lead a global research team

Waterloo Salon 5-6

Imagine that you are tasked with leading a team of researchers at a global company. Your direct reports are scattered across the globe, spanning from the Philippines, India, Greece, Colombia, to the States. How can you keep your team aligned? How can you ensure all the researchers stay in sync with each other and with […]

Career Development Senior Level