How we experience everything | and how to design for it

There is a single universal journey common to all experiences we have. Understanding the journey, its two universal outcomes and two universal variables, streamlines (without oversimplifying) the entire UX process. It aligns with how we experience everything. In this session I will: • Introduce The 4 Stages of Accomplishing Goals – the model that details the universal journey. • Cover the two unavoidable universal outcome. • Cover the two universal variables that have the most impact on how people feel when the experience is over. • Share The 4 Stages of Accomplishing Goals Canvas to use throughout your design process, and how it works within and along your exist practices. • Share how it integrates with tools and methodologies like Jobs To Be Done (JTBD), Kano Model, Change Management, Root Cause Analysis, behavioral model and more. This session connects design psychology, strategy, and practical tools for immediate use.

Senior Level Tools and Techniques