Using the SQUACK Feedback Formula to improve design critiques and feedback sessions about research, content, and product deliverables

Waller Salon C

Ever hear feedback about your UX deliverable that sounds more like squawking birds? crackling complaints? crude compliments? That feedback doesn’t actually help you improve your work. Come and learn a vocabulary you can share with your peers and stakeholders so they SQUACK their feedback instead. That way, you’ll hear clear *S*uggestions, *Q*uestions, *U*ser Signals, actionable *A*ccidents and *C*riticals, as well as celebratory *K*udos. SQUACK is a proven method that encourages feedback providers to slow down and be intentional about the changes they are requesting. During this session you’ll hear in-real-life stories that will make you laugh and you’ll be SQUACKing your own feedback in less than 7 minutes. SQUACK is used by designers, researchers, writers, data analysts, product owners, and business people to review designs, documents, dashboards, or any deliverable. No previous knowledge needed. Just a willingness to learn, practice, and act to improve your feedback sessions.

Senior Level Tools and Techniques