Julie Jensen

Founder, Rut Wrecker

Julie Jensen is the inventor of the SQUACK Feedback Formula, which she conceived as a student editor, extended as a journalism teacher at a prison, and evolved as a UX leader at USAA, Microsoft, Amazon, Capital One, and other firms. Julie created SQUACK to ensure feedback sessions provide actionable, clear, and motivational opportunities to harvest expertise across disciplines. An international speaker, Julie also coaches individuals and consults with teams to improve their communication, confidence, and processes.

My Sessions

Using the SQUACK Feedback Formula to improve design critiques and feedback sessions about research, content, and product deliverables

Waller Salon C

Ever hear feedback about your UX deliverable that sounds more like squawking birds? crackling complaints? crude compliments? That feedback doesn’t actually help you improve your work. Come and learn a vocabulary you can share with your peers and stakeholders so they SQUACK their feedback instead. That way, you’ll hear clear *S*uggestions, *Q*uestions, *U*ser Signals, actionable […]

Senior Level Tools and Techniques