Huatong Sun

Associate Professor of Digital Media Studies & HCI, University of Washington Tacoma

Associate Professor of Digital Media and Global User Experience Design at University of Washington Tacoma. She studies how to design and innovate for usable, meaningful, and empowering technology to bridge differences in a globalized world. Award-winning book author of “Cross-Cultural Technology Design” (2012) and “Global Social Media Design” (2020) from Oxford University Press, she writes for pubic media including Fast Company and The Conversation, speaks at SXSW, STC, UXPA, CHI, and ATTW, and offers workshops at local SIGs and international conferences. Twitter handle: @huatongs

My Sessions

Engaging cultural differences for inclusive design in a globalized world

Waller Salon D

Is simplicity and minimalism the universal standard for interaction design? How can we avoid stereotyping with personas in design practices? What AI algorithms and design mechanism made “digital blackface” phenomenon on social media so popular? This talk teaches participants to reconsider some commonly held design beliefs and routine design practices with a lens of cultural […]

Interaction and Visual Design Senior Level