Lawton Pybus

UXR Manager, UserZoom

Lawton Pybus is a UX research manager currently leading strategic engagements for select UserZoom customers. He has previously worked for MeasuringU, Charles Schwab, and Cabela’s, and earned his PhD in human factors from North Carolina State University. He lives with his family in Denver, CO, where he loves to run and hike.

My Sessions

How teams hire UX researchers today: A survey of current trends and best practices.

Waller Salon C

An improved hiring process would benefit most UX teams, but hiring managers have much to consider when deciding how to interview UXR candidates. How many stages of interviews? What are the best activities at each stage? Should we do portfolio reviews, take-home projects, neither, or both? How long should the process take? The interview process […]

Career Development Senior Level

Best practices for unmoderated think-alouds: How to walk a stranger you’ll never meet through one of the most challenging protocols in usability testing

Waller Salon D

The think-aloud protocol is a rich and insightful method that has been widely used in moderated usability studies for decades. Its use in unmoderated online research is more recent, less common, and best practices are not yet widely known. In a moderated session, whether remote or in-person, a facilitator can train a participant and provide […]

Senior Level Tools and Techniques