Michael Diaz

Principal Product Designer, Dell Technologies

A design leader, mentor, and advocate with almost two decades of professional experience in User Experience and Product Design. Michael is a UX generalist with a diverse skillset in strategy, research, design, and engineering. Which has allowed him the opportunity to design and solve problems across several industries. Accessibility and Inclusive Design are also a major focus and infused within his design core values. He is currently part of Dell Technologies’ Design System team serving 100+ Dell product teams that provide a wide range of services and solutions for millions. In his off-time Michael enjoys Fine Art, running and spending quality time with his family.

My Sessions

Design team health: Measuring it and ways to make team adjustments collaboratively

Waterloo Salon 5-6

In a technologically evolving world where the only constant is change. Product design teams must position themselves to be highly adaptive, innovative, and able to quickly meet user needs. That said, amid all that movement it’s often difficult to understand how a team is doing overall. How do we find ways to work smart and […]