Mohit Gupta

User Experience Manager, CDK Global

Mohit is a servant design leader who is an avid advocate of problem-solving by uncovering user insights. He has several awards and accolades to his name like Best Regional Tech Manager at Timmy Awards 2021 and Amplify 2022 Product 50 finalist. He is a published author and accomplished speaker who has delivered talks and spoken at various technology and design conferences and events. He believes research, empathy, and intention are critical to creating a human-centered experience. He currently works as UX Manager with CDK Global – a data and technology provider to the automotive, recreation, and heavy equipment industries.

My Sessions

Experience Maps – A designer’s framework for working in Agile teams and managing UX Debt

Waller Salon C

Agile Methodology refers to software design and development methodologies centered around the idea of iterative design and development, where requirements and concepts evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. Thus, Agile enables teams to deliver value faster, with greater quality and predictability, and greater aptitude to respond to change. With evolving product features every design […]

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