Shannon Halgren

Sr UX|HF Consultant, Sage Research & Design

Shannon is the founder of Sage Research & Design, a UX/HF consultancy located in Boulder, CO and is a highly experienced UX practitioner and manager. She and her team have helped their clients improve the user experience of hundreds of products from web services to keyboards and from medical devices to augmented reality apps. Notable clients include Google, Indeed, eBay, Netflix, Samsung, and Abbot. Shannon has presented her work at several UXPA and HFES conferences and in professional journals and books. She received her Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from Rice University where she specialized in Human-Computer Interaction.

My Sessions

Hijacking Treejack – Using reverse card-sort to determine both the feature names and the categories used to cluster those features, an iterative process

Waller Salon AB

What would you do if you were tasked with developing a new categorization for your company’s products and services? Under the best circumstances, this is a hefty undertaking; but, to add to the complexity, consider that your company is a massive hiring website with varied products and services, and they want to change the names […]

Senior Level Tools and Techniques