Sierra Patterson

Sr. User Experience Researcher, U.S. Bank

Sierra develops and executes studies at U.S. Bank as a Sr. UX Design Researcher in the Business Banking portfolio. Sierra has conducted varied UX studies spanning fields in Biotechnology, Oil & Gas, and Finance. Utilizing her formal training in Cultural Anthropology, Sierra specializes in taking formalized methodological approaches to research, and applying them in a faster-paced iterative setting. She works to instill focus on the customer and end-user by being constantly curiosity about human nature and behavior.

My Sessions

Don’t Forget the Humans! Elevate needs through jobs to be done in generative research

Waller Salon AB

Designing new experiences is fun yet challenging since it’s tempting to immediately test new concepts with limited foundational research. We narrow our scope too soon, leading to assumptions and creating what we think our customers want instead of what they actually need. The application of Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) is a powerful, strategic framework […]

Senior Level UX Strategy