Using triangulation to capture the 2020 Census user experience

Waller Salon AB

This talk highlights a triangulation of user-experience methods including iterative usability testing, a satisfaction survey, focus groups and in-person call center site visits to improve an online census questionnaire for the U.S. population. User experience methods highlighted which areas of the online questionnaire were problematic for users, obtained both an overall satisfaction rating of the questionnaire and detailed sentiment analysis for a more nuanced understanding of the respondents’ thoughts and concerns. Call center site visits and in-depth focus groups of call agents highlighted additional areas of the online questionnaire that were problematic for the public. Each user experience method found new issues as well as some overlapping issues. The presenters will share the benefits and challenges of conducting user experience testing on a long-term project using a variety of methods to elicit user feedback that could be incorporated into the design of future online census and surveys.

Senior Level UX Strategy