Clara Kliman-Silver

Staff UX Researcher, Google

Clara Kliman-Silver is a Senior UX Researcher at Google who studies design teams, design systems, UX tools, and designer-developer collaboration. She specializes in participatory design and generative methods to investigate workflows, understand designer-developer experiences, and imagine ways to create UIs. In previous roles, she has conducted research on developer tools, artificial intelligence, and healthcare. Clara holds a Bachelors of Science in Cognitive Science from Brown University.

My Sessions

Cool or Creepy? The role of artificial intelligence in the design process

Waller Salon EF

Designing for artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly common, but what changes when designing with AI? Over the last few years, new assistive or intelligent design tools have emerged, allowing designers to generate imagery or automate parts of their design process. In this talk we will share our research and discuss recommendations on the value […]

Innovation and Emerging Technologies Senior Level