Costanza Volpini

Product UX Design Engineer, Logitech

As an empath and systems thinker, Costanza is passionate about creating more user-friendly and inclusive experiences. After earning a master’s degree in computer science from EPFL, she fully transitioned to UX design and found the perfect union of design and informatics in design systems. With a deep interest in understanding how users interact with products, Costanza is always seeking ways to improve processes and experiences. Her love for user research drives her to uncover insights that inform her design decisions and help her create more impactful solutions.

My Sessions

Building and evolving a design system that aligns UX strategy with the business

Waller Salon EF

It is well acknowledged that design systems are crucial in ensuring rapid brand scalability, consistency, and cohesiveness. Thinking in systems and strategically is now a required skill. In this presentation, we want to present our journey in implementing our design system, including the difficulties we encountered, but mostly by reviewing it from a strategic and […]

Senior Level UX Strategy