Jill Mugge

Sr. Manager Digital Accessibility, Hilton

Jill is a Sr. Manager of Digital Accessibility at Hilton who works with teams to find inclusive solutions to inaccessible digital problems. As a former web development and marking business owner, she dove into the world of digital accessibility inspired by her blind Father In-law. He lost his eyesight and independence, which unfairly excluded him from many aspects of the physical and virtual world. Jill believes we all have a right to fair and equal access to the digital ecosystem and continues to measure accessibility success through progress, not perfection.

My Sessions

Creating a framework in digital research to include people with disabilities

Waller Salon AB

The field of UX research has made its mark as an invaluable department with companies in recent years. However, there is an apparent gap in understanding how people with a range of cognitive and physical abilities can efficiently learn and use digital solutions. Within the travel industry, accessible design has been identified as an area […]

Design Psychology Entry Level