Swapnali Thakar

Director, UX Research and Strategy, Level Access

Swapnali works as the Director of UX research and design at Level Access. She leads a team of designers and researchers to ensure data-driven decision making for frictionless experience design. She is an accredited UX Professional (#010304001) and is a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC).

She has helped many organizations transform the way they think and work by keeping users at the center. During her career Swapnali has worked in a variety of verticals such as Oil and Gas, Occupational Health, Travel and Tourism, Government services, Content marketing and Accessibility.

She lives in Toronto with her husband and son, loves to draw and paint in her free time.

My Sessions

I don’t think you are solving the right problem.

Waller Salon AB

Time and again, organizations and teams find themselves arguing and discussing things that have little or no consequence from an end-user’s perspective. Bringing rigor and discipline around how we think of defining a problem, helps address these concerns. I would like to share some experiences and case studies around how defining the problem correctly helped […]

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