Vyas Shenoy

Product Development Engineer, Ford

Vyas currently serves as a product development engineer, in a Core Feature Owner Systems Engineer role at Ford Motor Company, Michigan, USA. He is helping Ford and its clients establish themselves in the field of occupant requirement features through product and service delivery.

”Discovering opportunities, applying the planned procedure to it, and exhibiting a viable solution is a journey that I trust never ends.”

Vyas holds a Master of Science (M.S) degree in Engineering Management from University of Michigan, USA, Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) and Diploma DME (GL) degree in Mechanical Engineering from Manipal University, then, now; Manipal Academy of Higher Education, India.

My Sessions

Redesigning an automotive feature from gasoline to electric vehicles: A case study in innovation, branding, passion, and perseverance

Waller Salon AB

Join us for an interaction design case study from the automotive industry. We created a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) for a vehicle feature that provides household-levels of power in electrical outlets for our customers to use at work and play. This case study will reveal: · Our debate of re-using version 1.0’s HMI vs designing a […]

Interaction and Visual Design Senior Level