Let’s discuss ethics and politics in UX

Waterloo Salon 1-4

Panelists from multiple industries and experiences will share perspectives on how ethics and business politics can impact UX research and design. It’s a big topic, but we hope to touch the surface of a broad range of situations and context. Ideally, corporate ethics should require permission and transparency around data mining practices and product design, and opt in and permissions should be clear and avoid the use of dark patterns, however, we have all encountered situations where this is not the case. Additionally, business politics can worm their way into UX decisions, influencing not only what research is done, but also how it is disseminated and used. Further, protection of participants’ rights and privacy is a key concern, as well as practices around representation and inclusion. We will share stories about our experiences across all these dimensions, our thoughts on best practices, and facilitate an audience discussion via Sli.do.

Career Development Entry Level