Christy Harper

Co-Owner, Managing Partner, End to End User Research

Christy has a 20+ year career starting at HP, first as a UX researcher and later leading a team doing research that impacted product design and development throughout the lifecycle. Christy is currently the owner and managing partner of the woman owned, women-led consulting group End to End User Research, a human factors and UX consultancy which conducts research on diverse topics and provides facility rentals and participant recruiting services.

My Sessions

Let’s discuss ethics and politics in UX

Waterloo Salon 1-4

Panelists from multiple industries and experiences will share perspectives on how ethics and business politics can impact UX research and design. It’s a big topic, but we hope to touch the surface of a broad range of situations and context. Ideally, corporate ethics should require permission and transparency around data mining practices and product design, […]

Career Development Entry Level