Poster Session

Moontower Hall

Join this informal session and explore the posters of UXPA International 2023

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Perception matters: rules of thumb for making the best use of your users’ time Jeeyoung Yang, Meira Chefitz & Thomas Ortelt
Atomic Research in Practice: Using a Feedback Repository to Make User-Driven Decisions Bo Kim
Facilitating fun – How UX helps teams collaborate and have more fun. Chris Becker
Conducting remote usability testing in English and Spanish: Challenges and successes Shelley Feuer, Aia Rivas & Erica Olmsted-Hawala
Your users are multitasking – what should you do about it? Mack Blank
Do differences in the symptom profile of depression impact web user experience? Manasa Swaminathan
Improving the Internal and External User Experience of a Federal Government Legacy Application Using User Experience and Agile Principles Samuel Chapman, Kira Prin & Patrick Prugh
Want to increase collaboration between product, design, and research teams? The Decision Tree tool offers an easy-to-follow process to achieve desirable results. Inga Wisniewski & Kyle Qin
Collaborative Codes: A Team-based Approach to Diary Study Research Nina Barraco & Larysa Nadolny
The Two Tracks of UX Under Agile: Tactical and Strategic Maria Cristina Morejon
What Does a Net Zero Strategy Look Like in UX Design? Dara Chilton
Are virtual spaces the future of video conferencing? Snigdha Ramkumar
Mindsets > Personas: How and Why to Switch to Dynamic User Mindsets for Building Digital Behavior Change Tools Shannon McConnell
ESG and Sustainable UX Bhuvana Narayanamurthy
Leveraging Dial Testing To Measure Real-Time User Frustration During System Startup Thomas Carpenter, Allison Veronda, Cindy Weber & Amy Oetting
5 Key Findings from Moderated Accessibility Testing with Screen-Reader Users John Romadka & Naomi Enzinna
How a New Application Built Using Design Thinking Methodology Enabled Clinical Research Coordinators at a Cancer Hospital to Find Clinical Data Up To 95.5% Faster Than Using Existing Clinical Systems Leemor Yuravlivker, Michael Buckley, Joe Lengfellne, Renata Panchal & Nancy Bouvier
K-12 Education for UX Lubina Bogoeva