Annette Tassone

UX Researcher Creative Director, IBM

Annette is a UX Research Director at IBM CIO Design, leading craft and quality of research that informs product design, planning, and strategy. She is also the program manager of an enterprise-wide Voice of the Employee program. With over 20 years of experience in UX research and design, Annette is adept in research methodology, operations, NPS research, and building tools that support research and analysis. She holds an MS and PhD in Applied Psychology from Stevens Institute of Technology.

My Sessions

Data science and UX: Smarter together

Waller Salon EF

User experience can be drastically elevated by combining data science insights with user-based insights from research. Data analytics on its own can make themes and correlations difficult to explain and to provide accurate recommendations. For example, themes identified via large global surveys and usage data can be better understood with UX insights from focused user […]

Entry Level UX Strategy

UX Fracking: Using mixed methods to extract hidden insights

Waller Salon D

Users do not always accurately describe what they mean or feel. There are many reasons for this, ranging from politeness to poor introspection, to lack of sufficient technical vocabulary. Fortunately, UX researchers have tools in their trade to deduce what was really meant. We call this UX Fracking, a mixed methods approach that is optimized […]

Entry Level Tools and Techniques