Tyler Waite

Advisory Data Scientist, IBM

Tyler Waite, is an advisory data scientist and user researcher within IBM’s CIO design user research and data science and analytics team. Tyler has over two decades working as a user researcher and UX designer. He received his BS in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Utah, MA in Human Factors from University of Illinois, and studied Information Science at Indiana University (ABD). As a member of data science and analytics team Tyler has been exploring ways to use IBM’s Cloud Pak for Data dashboards to create interactive reports of employee survey data that go beyond the typical slide deck by providing stake holders the ability to drill in on the data using various demographic filter

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Data science and UX: Smarter together

Waller Salon EF

User experience can be drastically elevated by combining data science insights with user-based insights from research. Data analytics on its own can make themes and correlations difficult to explain and to provide accurate recommendations. For example, themes identified via large global surveys and usage data can be better understood with UX insights from focused user […]

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